Monday, 21 November 2011

Everything's in Place With Pacapod

Once you have children, organisation becomes the key to a way through the chaos. When you are out and about, the need to be well organised is even more vital.  We have all spent wasted minutes routing through ill designed bags searching for nappies or baby wipes to avert a messy emergency while a wriggly baby cries and raises the stress levels!  But there is a way of making life easier.  Time is precious and you don't have to waste a moment, due to being disorganised, thanks to Pacapod.

Pacapod make changing bags that are designed to make life easier.  The stylish and contemporary bags look like fabulous handbags, but each one holds a hidden secret.  Open them up to find a 3-in-1 organisation system with a changer pod, feeding pod and integrated changing mat.  The removable pods are packed with features specifically designed for their purpose.  The feeder pod is fully insulated to keep bottles cool and includes a detachable insulated bottle cover.  The changing pod has seven pouches and includes a removable clothing pouch for emergencies.  The bag itself has all the functions of a chic handbag with mobile phone holder and key fob and plenty of space.  The system is versatile and functional without compromising on style.  Rucksacks are also available for dads to use, incorporating all the same features.

There is a new exciting addition to the Pacapod family...the Changing Toy Pod.  This gorgeous mini rucksack is perfect for toddlers to use independently and includes detachable safety reins to keep your toddler safe.  It has four labelled pockets for nappies, wipes etc. and has space for a favourite toy and snack.  It can also be integrated  into the Pacapod system.

Gorgeous design.
We were sent a Pacapod Toy Changer Pod to try.  The first thing that impressed me was the outstanding design.  The durable, weatherproof navy and fawn pod comes in a funky zebra print design with cute ears and has a window to pop in a photograph of the child to personalise the rucksack making it easy to identify.  The backpack straps have a chest strap to make it secure on your toddler's shoulders.  It can also be attached to pram handles.

Integrated pockets
Detachable safety reins.
Photo identity window.
Freddy loved wearing his Pacapod and actually wanted to wear it in the house!  The chest strap made it really comfy for him to wear.  The pod is a good size and free standing making it easy for a toddler to put in their favourite toys.

Comfy fit.
This is definitely a lovely mini rucksack for a toddler to nurture their independence, with the added peace of mind of the safety reins to keep toddlers safe while they explore their environment.  The fact that it doubles up as a mini changer pod within the Pacapod system is a bonus to parents who own the compatible changing bag or rucksack, but it stands alone perfectly well.

The Pacapod Changer Toy Pod is available in Zebra print navy, Leopard print red and Giraffe print pink, all equally gorgeous!  They are just £19.95 RRP and are available from the Pacapod online shop with free UK delivery.  Other stockists are detailed online.

The Pacapod range would make great gifts for mums and dads, and the Toy Pod would be a lovely gift idea for a toddler.  Just pop in some goodies for them to discover inside!


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