Friday, 4 November 2011

Make a Date with Take Me Out...No Likey No Lighty!

This week I have my eldest daughter home from university and am taking advantage of having Teen Testers to help me try out some of the products I am reviewing for my Christmas Gift Guide!  One of  the items to be tried out is Take Me Out, the board game from Rocket games, based on the hit ITV show.

I will hereby openly admit to having a crush on Paddy McGuiness (from his Max and Paddy days) who is the host of the dating game show.  So I was a secret Saturday night viewer!

The electronic board game makes players into matchmakers with each trying to prove that their single man is the perfect date by performing fun tasks to win Fernando's vouchers.  You have to avoid the lights being turned off because "No lighty, no likey!" and your single man won't find love!

The game includes snippets of Paddy's catchphrases, music and the sound of the lights switching off which adds to the fun of the game!  The game is recommended for ages 12 and up and can be played with 3-6 players (the more the merrier for a really fun game).

The game includes:

  • 100 Single Man Cards
  • 50 The Power Is In Your Hands Cards
  • 1 Single Girls Pad
  • 12 Isle of Fernandos Vouchers
  • Coloured Die
  • Rules
There are four rounds 'What I Do' which is a drawing game as the single man draws a picture for the girls to guess his job.  Round two is 'In My Spare Time' which is charades to guess his hobby.  Round three is the 'Little Known Secret' round in which the single man tells the other players a secret about himself and they have to guess if its true or false.  Round 4 is 'The Power is in your Hands' round which is like Blankety Blank and you have to fill in a missing word from a sentence.  When the single man matches an answer with one of the other players they go onto the next round, if not they switch off their light.  The final girl left and the single man win a Fernando's voucher if he chooses to date her.  (In this game girls can play the single man and boys can play the really doesn't matter so it is perfect for both sexes and mixed groups.) 

This game is loud, fast paced, fun and would be great at a girls/lads night in or for a party.  It is sure to be a hit during the festive season if you like lively family games!  It can get a bit risque and I'm sure after a couple of drinks it would be riotous if played with friends!!

Take Me Out costs £24.99 from Amazon with free delivery.  You require 3 AA batteries which are not included.  If you loved the show, you will enjoy this game. Even if you weren't a fan of the show, it doesn't matter as the game stands alone and has really clear instructions.  It is definitely more suitable for older children and adults as recommended on the box, with some of the challenges being a bit too complicated for little ones.  Kizzy is 9 and coped quite well as she could read the cards and knew what the jobs and hobbies were, even though some were a bit obscure.

My family enjoyed playing this game and here is a video showing Take Me Out in action!

Take Me Out really will be on my list of games to play over Christmas with family and friends.  It is a good combination of a few old favourites brought bang up to date in a really entertaining format with the addition of Paddy McGuinness for good measure!  


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