Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Travelling With Children

Travelling With Children is a one stop online shop, providing products, comprehensive tips and information on all things for child-friendly travel ranging from the school-run to weekends at the grandparents' to long haul flights.  It provides a lifeline for UK parents and parents-to-be and encourages them to share their experiences, strategies and solutions to travelling with children.  Taking the stress out of travel means that families can have more fun together.

All the products for sale are tried and tested, safe, well designed, functional and great quality.  With sections on the site covering topics such as Feeding on the Move, Family Health, Safety and Security and Baby Slings and Carriers it is easy to find what you are looking for.  It is reassuring to know that whatever travel problem you can think of, there is an innovative solution!

With a young baby, keeping feeding utensils and bottles sterile can be a major headache when travelling away from home. Sterilising systems are cumbersome and electric ones might not operate with foreign voltages.  This is a practical solution to that problem.  Each bag is a self contained sterilising unit that will hold up to 4 bottles.  They are safe to use with foreign water and keep things sterile for up to 24 hours.  Each pack has a week's supply and each sachet contains full instructions.  This product is also perfect for camping or overnight stays. The Disposable Steriliser Bags are £12.99 for a week's supply and solve a real travelling problem!

Toddler safety is a real concern both at home and away.  It is all too easy to lose sight of your little one as they wander off to explore.  Nothing is more terrifying than the fear of them getting lost.  The Toddler Mini Backpack and Reins gives complete peace of mind and has won the coveted Mother and Baby Gold Award for Best Safety Product.  The minipack features a three way harness, grab handle, safety reflector, a removable rein and toy or soother attachment.  Available in blue, red, green and pink, it has cute animal embroidery on it making it very appealing to a toddler! At just £15.99 this backpack will help keep toddlers safe and keep them happy.  Pop in a favourite toy and a snack and they are ready for a big adventure!  It is much friendlier than traditional reins and harnesses and gives the child the element of freedom that they enjoy, while giving you the confidence that they are safe.

We were sent one of each of these key products to try out for ourselves.  Freddy was delighted with the back pack.  It fitted comfortably with the padded straps and the reins are unobtrusive, so they didn't annoy him!  The size of the backpack is perfect for a toddler and would be great for nursery, days out or holidays.  I like that we can keep hold of him without infringing on his independence.  I also like the reflector feature for when it gets dark outside.

Ready for an adventure!
The information guides on the Travelling With Children site cover topics such as where to go, travelling when pregnant, travelling by air, road, boat or train, health and safety and a guide to packing.  Not only is the advice informative, it is also encouraging and makes it all seem very possible!  Managing director Annie Jones has a wealth of experience travelling with her own son Rory and has designed the site to help other parents.  When it comes to the happiness, health and safety of our children, only the best will do, and Travelling With Children aims to faciliate that with the best advice and the best products to make travelling with children as stress free and enjoyable as possible!

Travelling With Children are offering a 15% discount on Lodger Products which includes adorable hats, Fleece Wrappers and the award winning Wrapper Motion.  Just quote discount code LODGER.

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