Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Air Hogs Vectron Wave

If there is one toy that has made my husband really excited, it is the Air Hogs Vectron Wave.  This flying toy uses infra red technology allowing you to control it with your hands.  It hovers at a set height until you 'control'  it by waving underneath it.  This mini UFO really is quite a show stopper as it hovers around your living room!

The Vectron Wave uses 6 AA batteries which is quite an investment before you even begin.  They are used in the base unit which charges up the Vectron Wave.  Hopefully they will last for a while...they are still going strong after a week of play.  The flying part of the toy is a disc made of durable polystyrene which houses a spinning fan which elevates it.  It is quite noisy but impressive nevertheless.
Obstacle sensors detect the proximity to the ground as it finds its level between the floor and ceiling to hover at.  If you interfere with it before it's done this, it goes on a collision course out of control.  Thankfully there is a button on the base unit to disable the flight.  The fan also shuts off automatically if fingers poke into it, making it quite safe.

The Vectron Wave is an innovative, novelty toy which is really quite fascinating to play with.  We did struggle to control it a little bit.  I got hit in the head at one point, but it is so light it isn't a problem!  You are meant to be able to play catch with it using the wand on the top, but I think we need a bit more practice.

The Vectron Wave has definitely been a toy that has entertained us no end.  It is a bit geeky, perfect for techno-philes and budding aeronautic engineers.  We all wish they could make a giant one that you could ride on...I'm sure it is just a matter of time.

The only real negative is that the toy doesn't hold it's charge for very long and soon goes flat so the flying time is quite limited which was a little frustrating.  However, when it is flying it is quite amazing!  Watch our video to see it in action!


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