Monday, 7 November 2011

A Dog's Christmas Miracle

Brand new for Christmas, and released today on DVD, families are set to fall in puppy love with this heartwarming tale of an adorable but spoiled  pooch with mischief on her mind!  Cinnamon, the Maltese puppy is none too pleased when her owner, unlucky in love university professor Madeleine, falls for widower architect Kevin.  An unlikely romance blossoms which makes Cinnamon very jealous and determined to sabotage the relationship.

Crafty Cinnamon spoils their dates in order to keep Madeleine to herself.  With sabotage plans such as weeing on Kevin's lap when he is about to kiss her owner, Cinnamon will stop at nothing, worrying she will end up at the pound if they fall in love.  Meanwhile Kevin's son Jordan is having problems of his own.

When Kevin ends up doggy-sitting for Cinnamon the dog ups her game.  She runs away but ends up in big trouble.  Her adventure leads to a big rift between the couple with misunderstandings aplenty.  Christmas looks set to be miserable.  Will Kevin manage to save the day?

Cinnamon soon realises that having an extended family for Christmas might not be quite so bad after all.

The animals in this film "talk" to each other which adds to the fun of the film.  Cinnamon is voiced by Brenda Song (London Tipton from the Disney Channel's Suite Life On Deck) which made the kids quite excited!   I must confess that I actually wanted to give Cinnamon a swift kick for trying to ruin the relationship between Kevin and Madeleine!  However you know it all ends up happily because the story starts at the end when they are one big happy family and then tells you how they got there.  This format also means there is no need for the children to panic when Cinnamon finds herself in peril!

Kizzy has watched it twice already so that is a reflection on how much she has enjoyed this film.  It is a good family film that everyone can enjoy together.  It is a nice festive, family film with some funny moments.

A Dog's Christmas Miracle from Lionsgate is 87 minutes long and has a U certificate.  It is available to buy from Amazon for just £5.65.


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