Thursday, 24 November 2011


With so many toys on the market, it is refreshing to find something that has a retro feel, reminding me of my own childhood playthings.  Tumblekins from Great Gizmos are just like that!  Made from real wood, Tumblekins are classic vehicles with a fun twist.  The characters that come with the vehicles tumble and roll and spin around as the vehicle is pushed along. 

We received a lovely chunky fire engine complete with a static ladder and fireman.  Freddy was very keen for Daddy to get into the packaging so he could play with it.

The wheels of the fire engine have hub caps that are off centre creating a fun effect when the vehicle is pushed along.  The fireman can slide down the ladder into the driving seat, where he spins and tumbles as the fire engine whizzes along.  The result is an enjoyable and fascinating toy which held Freddy's attention as he pushed it around the floor.

The kid powered vehicle pushes along with a very satisfying motion.  It encourages pretend play and develops fine motor skills.  The fire engine is one in a range of Tumblekins vehicles that will delight toddlers with their fun movements.  They are well made, chunky, tactile, robust and so far our fire engine is resisting Fred's tough play techniques!

The Tumblekins Fire Engine is a great toy for toddlers aged 1 and over.  It is fun and Freddy enjoyed pushing it across the floor to watch the fireman spin around.  Vehicles are a bit hit with Freddy and this one has an added element of fun that kept him amused and entertained.

The Fire Engine retails for £17.99.  It will be a very well loved toy that will make a fabulous present for a little one!


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