Saturday, 15 January 2011

Nip + Fab Review...Part 2

My first Nip + Fab review  posted last week, listed and explained about the range of Nip + Fab Fixes I won so I won't repeat myself!  Since then I have been updating my experience of using the Clean Fix, Moisture Fix, Scrub Fix and Lip and Nip Fix daily on Nip + Fab's Facebook wall.   Here is a copy of my posts: 

"The Clean Fix is different to any cleanser I've ever used before. It is an oil that you massage onto dry skin. It has a lovely light fragrance. When warm water is applied, the oil emulsifies and it can then be washed off easily leaving the skin feeling soft and supple. I'm convinced I can see a difference already! "

"The Moisture Fix is a great product. This winter has left my skin quite dry but this light moisturiser works a treat. It is easily absorbed and a little goes a long way. My skin feels really smooth and soft and my complexion looks brighter."

"The Nip+ Fab Lip and Nip Fix really is perfect for popping in your handbag. This cold weather leaves me with dry, chapped lips. This ultra protective balm nourishes and replenishes dry skin, so it is perfect to smooth over my lips throughout the day. As the balm is so thick, you only need a little smear to feel a big effect. I have used this little tube of balm for a few days and my lips feel smooth and healthy. I haven't tried it on any other problem areas but it is verstaile and if a dry patch presents itself, I wouldn't hesitate to reach for this SOS Fix!"

"It was Nip+Fab's Scrub Fix's turn to impress me last night and it definitely delivered! The texture had a good amount of exfoliating particles that I could really feel working its magic on my skin. It rinsed off well leaving my skin looking more refined and brighter. Unlike some scrubs, it didn't make my face feel tight or dry afterwards. I asked my husband what he thought of my skin after 4 days of using Nip + Fab's skincare products. He kissed me on the cheek and said it felt like silk!! What a smooth talker!"

As you can see, I am really genuinely impressed with these products.  They are all really quick and easy to use which is a huge consideration when "me time" is in short supply, yet they do what they promise.  They are an everyday product offering affordable yet high end treatments, with technologically advanced and clinically proven ingredients. 

Celebrities seem to love the if it's good enough for Denise Van Outen, Alexandra Burke and Kimberley Walsh...then it's good enough for me!

My skin really does feel more refined, and is smoother and freshing looking.  Given my recent over indulgences, poor diet and insomnia, that is no mean feat. 

The package design is simple and unpretentious and has a clear, recognisable brand identity that is used across the range.  The pump action dispensers on the Moisture Fix and the Clean Fix minimize waste and make the products easy and practical to use.

The Nip + Fab Facial Skincare range is available at Boots and Harvey Nicholls stores.  Prices start at £8.25 for the Lip and Nip Fix.   

I would definitely recommend these products for their ease of use, effectiveness and results!

Here's my video review (...oh the shame of being videoed without any make-up, hair pulled back, in my pj top...but my committment to my reviews knows no bounds!!)


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