Saturday, 29 January 2011

Valentine's Pampering with Montagne Jeunesse...go on spoil yourself!

January will soon be all but a memory and we find ourselves looking forward to the most romantic day of the year....  Valentine's Day!  A day of love hearts, romance and true love :)

To prepare for a passion-filled Valentine's this year, Montagne Jeunesse recommend these four lust-have lovelies!

Reveal your inner seductress and bask in the confidence of your cleansed, clear complexion with the Passion Peel Off  face masque.

The blissful blend of pomegranate and passion flower, infused with raspberry, grape and cranberry banishes blemishes and leaves skin fresh, purified and primed to get up close and personal! Simply smooth on, relax while it sets and peel off for gorgeous, kissable, totally irresistible skin.  Perfectly packaged at 99p a sachet there's no excuse for not having a loved up Valentine's this year with a Passion Peel Off!

It'll make you feel fruity!

Keep the passion alive longer with a fabulous Tottle (the love child of a tube and a bottle!)  With ten applications they contain plenty of the gorgeous masque...enough to share a pamper session with a loved one!

Revel in the romance of the divine Damask Rose Deep Cleansing Masque.  Renowned for its cleaning and hydrating properties, delicate Damask Rose is infused with Africa's miracle Marula oil, ridding the skin of anti-oxidants and leaving the skin deeply moisturised.  The sensual blend of Shea Butter and creamy cocoa butter leave skin feeling soft and enticing. The inviting floral fragrance will leave your man completely love struck.

Make sure this Valentine's Day you get your roses in Tottle form for around £ would make a long lasting gift to yourself!

As well as roses, chocolates are another perfect Valentine's gift.  This year indulge in a guilt-free chocolate Valentine's Day treat...with a zero calorie Chocolate Mask!

This deep cleansing and luxurious Chocolate Mud Masque is rich in natural ingredients which help to unblock pores, drawing out impurities.  This scrummy mask is devoted to love!  With skin healing properties of Dead Sea salt and moisturizing benefits of cocoa and Shea butter you'll be left with renewed, re-hydrated and irresistible skin...a chocoholics dream beauty product.  You'll be sure to melt any hunks heart for 99p. Mmmm...divine!

Are you desperately dreaming of a perfect, kissable pout?  Then this natural, super soothing lip balm is an absolute must have for Valentine's!  The yummy Cranberry and Aloe Vera balm with 100% natural beeswax will ensure your lips stay magically moisturised and hydrated for all unexpected lip locking moments!  A blissful blend of juicy cranberries, soothing Aloe Vera and smoothing Shea Butter and pure beeswax will guarantee you have gorgeous, kissable, luscious lips all day long.  At around £3 these fruity faves are a beauty bargain.  Perfect for popping in your handbag to keep your lips lush all night long.

Montagne Jeunesse products are bursting with natural ingredients and goodness and are as eco-friendly as possible.  All products are vegetarian and animal friendly.  

Montagne Jeunesse love the planet and our animal friends making them the perfect choice for Valentine's Day!

If you don't have someone to love this Valentine's Day, spoil yourself with a Montagne Jeunesse face masque and a good romantic chick flick!  Lovely xxx

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