Friday, 14 January 2011

Fab Friday

My daughter Kizzy who is 8 years old, is definitely a future Social Media guru in the making.  She has decided to create her own meme "Fab Friday" where you post a picture of something fabulous you have done in the week and leave a link to your post in her comments.  Her fab thing was to win Star of the Week at school, which fills me with mummy pride!  It shows me how well she has settled in and how well she is doing.  Whoever said pride was a sin was obviously not a mother!!

Check out her blog at and show her some blog love.  Seriously she could be like Richard Branson or Lord Alan Sugar some day if she keeps this up (albeit a female and without the beard!) 

This week I've thought about my fabulousity and I think it's come up a bit short.  However, I did win £25 from Primula on Facebook with a snack recipe I submitted. (There were 25 prizes and 27 entries so it wasn't the greatest feat but hey ho!)  Always fab to get free spends for a little effort!!

I also made a video for my Graco Symbio Ambassador competition "The 1 Second Flip Challenge" which involved me throwing up and catching a piece of fudge in my mouth.  I am so spacially challenged that this is an almost impossible task for me.  Snapping my head back to try and land the tempting morsel actually began to restrict blood flow through my jugular and I started feeling a little faint...but after what seemed like about 15 minutes of tossing fudge into my eye, up my nose or against my teeth I evetually landed my prize.  I leave you with the video which contains my fab moment of triumph...perseverance pays!!


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