Thursday, 20 January 2011

Listography...5 Celebrities I'd like to Punch

In Kate's absence this week Metal Mummy is hosting her Listography meme.  Thanks Hannah :)  So, in true Metal Mummy style we are invited to list five celebrities we'd like to punch!  So, I'll harness all my angst and let rip on five poor unwitting celebs.

Sweetheart of the nation??? Puh-lease!  She never apologised for her "Do you know who I am?" fuelled attack on the toilet attendant who was left with a black eye and smashed glasses.  Yes she is hugely gorgeous...but boy, does she know it.  However, I would actually be afraid to punch her...she'd probably unleash the inner yob and hit me back.

Oh this is really hard...I'm a bit of a pacifist and I'm struggling now!!
Maybe if I just go for a little slap it'll be easier to do!

Katie, she really grew on me post jungle.  I loved the Katie/Pete story, which is something I wouldn't readily admit to.  I even started thinking that she was a good mum who really did love her kids.  But, she had to go and ruin it!!  Poor Pete...after all he did for little Harvey.  It was a return to type for Jordan and she was back whoring the media and acting inappropriately.  One year on and it's all gone tits up for her again.  She should have stayed with that nice Peter!!!

With his smug sanctimonious demeanour, Piers Morgan just oozes with disingenuous creepiness. How his career has taken off I just don't know!  The whole Mirror photo debacle followed by his humiliation on Have I Got News For You was not enough to see him ousted from his celebrity status.  I can only assume he is in league with Lucifer.

This is a difficult one because I actually think Tom Cruise has had some fantastic roles...Magnolia, Jerry MacGuire, Tropic Thunder...and his Oscar stint was genius.  But then he opens his mouth!  Tom please leave you beliefs at the door...they don't make you big, clever or superior. It's all a bit much!

The Loose Women really drive me to feel internal rage.  This group of my peers most certainly do NOT represent my opinion.  Their juxtaposed mix of prissy/pseudo-raunchy attitudes along with their Daily Mail ideology seems so hideous that I can not understand how they are given so much airtime.  Individually I'm sure some of them are nice people, but collectively it's like a watching a cringy mother's meeting with a bunch of egotistical show-offs trying to out opinionate each other whilst letching over young men.  Just Eww!

There...done it!  Why not come up with your list and release that pent up anger!  Link up at Metal Mummy at her brand new sparkly website!!!


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