Tuesday, 18 January 2011

7 Things About Me


How exciting!  Michelle from Mummy From the Heart has tagged me in this meme that is doing the rounds in blogdom!  I feel very honoured!  My part of the bargain is now to disclose seven things about me. I am quite a no-holds barred blogger in a few of my previous posts and have disclosed some of my deepest, darkest secrets already.  So I am going to think really hard to pull out some real random facts.  Here goes:

1:  I am secretly addicted to spoof movies...think Meet the Spartans, Scary Movie, Not Another Teen Movie, Disaster Movie, Epic Movie, Date Movie et al!  I know I shouldn't admit to this.  I cannot help that they simply tickle my funny bone :)  I'll watch the Oscars and nod approvingly at this year's nominations, but inwardly I'm quoting "Yo Momma..." comments.

2:  I am a dedicated vegetarian but I sometimes get cravings for giblets *hangs head in shame*  Don't understand this one at all.  Think it stems back to childhood and my sister daring me to eat the Parson's Nose for a tenner.

3:  I have made a plan in the event of a Zombie Apocalypse.  Weapons of choice, places to hide etc.  I'll be prepared and immerge as King of the Post Apocalyptic World.

4:  I have an addictive/obsessive personality.  I've had to give up alcohol and caffiene due to my over indulgences.  I'll consume a whole cake/tin of Heroes/selection box/loaf of bread  in one sitting. However, if I go on a diet I get obsessed with that too and end up digesting my own internal organs through starvation.  I can't read one chapter of a book...I have to read the entire book. My family have gone hungry because of this one!  Social media is my new obsession...I'm staying a bit distant from the Twitter'll be a slippery slope.  If you see me there, slap my wrist.

5:  When I was at school, a lad wrote a smutty limerick about my antics and left it in my history book and it got handed in.  The teacher marked it *shame*

6:  I have been on Concorde.  I won a 5* luxury holiday to Paris.  If you've seen me and my husband we don't move in the circles of people who fly first class and stay in hotels with chandeliers in the bedrooms.  We are jean wearing, misbehaving and not really grown up. We laugh at toilet humour and can't take pretentions seriously.  Add to this that I am travel sick. So there was a Supersonic Jet filled with posh people quaffing the free Champagne, while I sat there whinging that I felt sick and trying to amuse myself as a distraction.  I can't imagine who the posh people thought we were and why we were on the flight.  ~I like to think they thought we were rock stars :)

7:  I sang "Fame" at my sister's wedding last year, flanked by my own flash mob doing a formation dance that I choreographed.  I was so nervous I actually wet myself a little bit in terror, but I did it.  It's her first wedding anniversary in February...I want to top it!

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