Thursday, 20 January 2011

Nuby Twisty Bugz Review

In addition to reviewing Nuby's drinking beakers, which we loved, ( Read about it here) Freddy also had the opportunity to try the award winning Twisty Bugz Teething Toy.  It won the Gold Award at the Mother and Baby Awards 2010 for best toy for ages 6-12 months.  Freddy is at the top of the age recommendation for this, but is still cutting teeth so he enjoys chomping down on toys, and this lovely multi-sensory toy is just so could he resist!  

The beautifully colourful toy has four colourful characters that twist around a central ball.  The ball itself twists along its centre with a satisfying clicking noise. It has different textured surfaces to explore and chew on, and it also rattles when shaken.  Being that little bit older, Freddy was fascinated with the faces on the ladybird, bee and fly.  He enjoyed exploring how each of them could be twisted and turned individually, and also how they moved around the central ball.  He loved the different sounds he could make.

Nuby, Twisty Bugz, teething toy
Cute Ladybird!
Colourful and fascinating!
This is a lovely, well designed and colourful toy.  I'd highly recommend it for younger babies as a toy with longer lasting appeal that will still be played with long after the traditional teething ring has fallen out of favour!

To aid teething, the rattle can be refrigerated and the gel filled wings will provide cool relief for baby, while teething nubs provide texture to massage and stimulate gums.

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