Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Buggy Tug Launches in UK

We were all horrified when we saw footage of a pushchair rolling off a station platform into the path of an oncoming train.   We all felt the mother's panic as we saw her frantically attempt to grab the pram as it rolled out of her grasp.  She had only released her hold for a moment but that was time enough for the buggy to roll across the platform out of her reach and fall onto the tracks. Thankfully and amazingly, the baby survived.

We've all had moments when we have inadvertently let go of our buggy handle.  Most of us have experienced that heart stopping moment when we realise that our pushchair is rolling away from our grip.  We don't apply the brakes every time we are stood still and sometimes we misjudge the gradient of where we are stood.  A split second mistake could change our lives forever.

In the recent cold snap, walking with a buggy was treacherous.  If we were to slip over, we could easily lose our grip on the handle which puts our baby at risk from rolling away.  It really doesn't bear thinking about.  The consequences could be tragic. 

Just launched in the UK is a product that offers a solution to this potential danger.  The Buggy Tug.  It is  the UK's first wrist pram strap.  Made out of neoprene for comfort, the strap is connected to the buggy's handle and to the pusher's wrist.  It has been safety tested so you can be sure it won't let you down in your hour of need.  It is discreet and you'll forget you're wearing it...unless your buggy starts to roll away, then you'll be glad to have it on!

I have been lucky enough to have won a Buggy Tug, which I agreed to review.  It is such a simple idea, but the potential to save lives is priceless.  For less than £4 (less than the cost of a latte and a muffin in your local coffee shop) you are protecting  your baby from a host of preventable accidents.  In Australia, pram straps are now compulsory following the deaths of two infants who drowned after their buggies rolled into lakes.   So many unforeseen tragedies could have been prevented with this simple device.  This product is an absolute essential!

Check out the Buggy Tug website for further details and stockists or to buy directly.
Go and say hello on their Facebook page...don't forget to say you came from 'Inside the Wendy House'!


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