Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Ella's Kitchen Review...part 2

I have previously reviewed some of the delicious offerings from Ella's Kitchen in an earlier post here!  My mini testers Kizzy and Freddy munched and crunched their way through pack-o-snacks, bakey-bakies and stacks-of-sticks.  All received a very positive thumbs up from them and from me too, knowing they were getting nutritious 'in-between-meals' goodies.

I've been waiting for the moment to test the cooking sauces, and last night provided the perfect opportunity.  Freddy generally eats what we eat, but there are times when our dinner choice wouldn't be appropriate.  Yesterdays chilli was such an ocassion.  Having a nutritious, organic pouch of curry sauce "The Indian One"  in my store cupboad was a godsend!  The blend of tomatoes, carrots, onions and sweet potatoes, gently flavoured with coconut, cumin, coriander and cinnamon, tasted like real food and had a nice thick consistency.  The contents are easily squeezed from the covenient pouch.

The sauce can be used anyway you like but I chose to heat it up in a small pan with some cooked green lentils and cooked rice to make a yummy Indian dahl style dinner for my little boy.

Another thumbs up from my tiny tester!  He enjoyed his curry very much!  I love how Ella's Kitchen makes products in bold and interesting flavours.  Little taste buds are given the opportunity to explore a whole variety of tastes, which will make them more adventurous eaters.  I love the fact that nutritious, organic food is available in a ready to use pouch.  You don't have to compromise goodness for convenience.  I look forward to giving Freddy "the Italian One" next which is a tomato based cooking sauce flavoured with garlic and basil, which would be perfect served with pasta and vegetables.

I leave you with a video of my little Freddy tucking into his Ella's Kitchen curry :)



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