Wednesday, 26 January 2011

You turn your back for a moment...

You know that moment when your boisterous toddler suddenly goes quiet.  There you are preparing lunch whilst your little one pulls the fridge magnets off of the freezer door.  You become momentarily engrossed in arranging mini sandwiches, cucumber slices and satsuma segments on a plate, when you realise the clatter of Magnetic Letters being used as projectiles has stopped.  You instinctively know something is amiss and set off at speed to locate said toddler, knowing they couldn't have got far!  That's when you see your mini-escapologist/stuntman sat on top of the dining room table having stolen your unopened box of Thornton's Continentals that you were saving, ripped off the lid and commenced consumption of a Marc de Champagne Truffle.  Knowing he was safe and sound I did what any self-respecting Mummy Blogger would do...grab my camera!  

Mmm truffles!
Have a little nibble.
If I put the lid back on I might get away with it!
Uh-Oh!  That scuppered that plan!


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