Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Listography - Top 5 Dinner Party Guests

This week Kate's Listography post is asking for our Top 5 Famous Dinner Party Guests. So after careful consideration, here is my list.

1:  Clive Barker:  Probably the greatest horror writer of our time and the man who gave us Hellraiser.  He'd regale us with stories from his unbelievably vivid imagination and share his visions on life, the universe and everything.

2:  Russell Brand:   I adore Russell Brand.  I think he is hilarious with his quick wit.  And if Katy Perry wanted to tag along I wouldn't mind at all!

3:  Ashleigh Banjo:  The most gorgeous eye candy, he is also a lovely bloke and could bust a few moves for our entertainment.

4:  Tom Hanks:  To have the man who played Forrest Gump, Woody, Josh Baskin (in Big) and that prison officer from the Green Mile at my dinner party would be beyond an honour. 

5:  Eminem:  I'd love to join in with some of his to love a bit of Eminem.  The social poet and bad boy would be a most excellent dinner guest, as long as he minded his p's and q's at the table!

What an amazing dinner party this would be!



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