Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Thomas Take n Play Knapford Station...My guest Toyology Review

My sister QWERTY Mum won the fantastic Toys R Us Toylogist prize on Facebook.  As a result she received a mountain of toys to review and quickly ascended to the role of favourite Auntie to my children, all eager to help with her Toyology mission!

18 month old Freddy was given the job of playing with the Take n Play Knapford Station set.  20 years ago, my eldest son had some Thomas the Tank Engine die cast engines and track which he enjoyed playing with. So I was quite excited to see history repeating itself as my baby son discovered the joys of Thomas and co.

After a battle with some indestructible packaging, we discovered the self-contained carry case playset to be surprisingly sturdy.  It opened up easily to transform into a circular track with a station and passenger pick up point.  A lovely die cast Percy train was included with the set. 

The set is recommended for ages 3 and up, whereas Freddy is 18 months old.  However, he immediately understood how the game was meant to be played and enjoyed whizzing the little train around the track, through the doors and into the station.  I love how little boys know how to make the "brmmm" and "neee-oww" noises when they play with vehicles!

I was quite impressed with how the set withstood to Freddy's rigorous playing (including being sat on!!) Only once did it fold itself up in response to being leant on!  However, it just flips back into place so that is not a major problem.

This set would be ideal for taking on holiday or on visits to the grandparents. It folds up and clips together with the train inside, which keeps it all safe and secure.  Being in one piece means there is no danger of losing bits of track. 

The toy retails at £24.99 at Toys R Us.  Being a branded toy, the potential to add to the set, buying new trains etc is an expensive temptation, but as a stand alone piece, this toy is well priced.

Freddy gives this toy a big thumbs up!!!


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