Monday, 31 January 2011

Childhood Sweethearts!

My Son's Romantic Love Story!

I've had a lovely weekend.  Freddy has perked right back up and is his normal full of beans self!  I love how resilient children are.  One day you are worried sick by their lethargy and lack of day you are chasing them around to keep them out of mischief!  Wonderful :)

As Freddy was so much better we decided to keep to a previously made plan and visit our eldest in Northampton. He has recently moved into a lovely little semi-detached starter home with his much adored girlfriend Jade. I love visiting them and the three youngest adore their big brother, so I was so glad that we didn't have to cancel.

Jade cooked for us for the first time...we usually go out to a restaurant but they wanted to treat us.  She made an exceptionally yummy vegetarian shepherd's pie.  She'd also made cakes, but they'd eaten them the night before (typical of my son!)  so a visit to Costa Coffee with muffins and brownies followed.

I am so proud that my son is so demonstrative and loving to Jade.  When she came down from getting changed to go out he told her that she looked gorgeous.  He kept stealing little kisses and told her that he loved her.  It comes so naturally in their relationship that you can just see how happy they are together.  It makes me so proud that my first born has reached this point in his life where he has a job he loves, a girl he loves and a future to look forward to.

What makes Joe and Jade's romance even more special is the fact they I was best friends with Jade's mum years ago when they were little.  Her family moved away and a few years later we moved too and we simply lost touch.  Then ten years down the line, Jade found Joe on the internet and they started chatting online.  This lead to phonecalls which resulted in a visit.  From that moment on they've been inseparable.  He made the decision to move to her hometown for them to be together.  He found himself a job there before leaving home, at the peak of the recession, such was his determination to be with the girl he loved!  Then in May 2009 he left to start his new life.  I couldn't be more proud of's not been easy.  Living together is a big step.  Going from the comforts of home to being responsible for washing your own underwear is a huge step. It's only then that they realise that the fully stocked fridge at home isn't kept topped up by the snack fairies!  But they are doing brilliantly well!



Knowing how my son found his true love makes me look hard at who my 8 year old's friends are now.  Who ten years time one of them might just be the future husband of my little girl!!


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