Friday, 21 January 2011

I'm a Graco Ambassador and I'm going to Cybermummy!

It's Friday again so here is my post for A Calm Zoned Kid aka my 8 year old daughter Kizzy's meme!  We have to submit a post and a pic of something "fab" we have done, achieved or celebrate the fabulous moments in our lives!

This week has been a good one.  I've won a few prizes, I've got a few reviews in the pipeline and my family have made me proud and happy for lots of different reasons.

I've also restarted my Thinking Slimmer Slimpod hypnotherapy and feel certain I can lose a stone!

But my Fab Friday entry is:

Today I heard I had won my Graco Symbio Ambassador Competition.  I've worked really hard since November reviewing the Symbio pushchair (check out the page tab to see links to my campaign).  I've roped in all the family to help me and we have had some fun!  It feels wonderful to have my efforts rewarded and to establish myself a little bit more into the blogosphere!

As my prize I become a Graco Ambassador, receive £500, another brand new pushchair The Fusio and a ticket to Cybermummy 2011!

Thank you to everyone who watched my videos, read my posts, joined my FB page or looked at my photos! Thanks to my singers, my dancer, my story writer (Kizzy!), my director & editor for some films, my racers, my guest reviewers, my puppeteers, my singer/songwriter/guitarist and my forever supportive and tolerant family....but mostly thanks to Freddy !  Love you all xxx


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