Monday, 24 January 2011

Fabulous Bakin' Boys Fruit and Oat Slices

I was very excited to hear that the Fabulous Bakin Boys had brought out a snack bar that contained one portion of fruit, one whole fifth of your five a day!  As a mum with two children eating packed lunches at school, it is really important to me to find healthy options for their lunch boxes.  This sounded like an ideal choice!

I had the opportunity to try the Fruit and Oat Slices and received a box containing one packet of each of the three flavours:

Strawberry 'n' Oat
Apple 'n' Oat
Blackcurrant 'n' Oat

Fabulous Bakin Boys, strawberry n oat slices

Each box contains five individually wrapped, delicious fibre-packed snack bars consisting of two layers, with a fruity base crammed with succulent sultanas, apples and apricots, topped with oats and sprinkled with strawberry, blackcurrant or apple pieces.

My tiny tester Kizzy was very excited by these oat slices.  She loves dried fruit and is always keen to try new things.  We popped one in her lunch box.

healthy lunchboxes, five a day

With a high fibre white, cheese and cucumber sandwich, a satsuma, a banana and a carton of pure orange juice, the Fabulous Bakin' Boy's Fruit and Oat Slice completed a really healthy lunch box.

Kizzy said:

"It was really nice and delicious and fruity.  I expected it to taste like a flapjack with a hint of fruit, but it was much more tasty.  It was much better than a bar of chocolate!  The Strawberry flavour was ever so good and it's part of my five of day."

A definite 5/5 verdict from Kizzy.

The new Fruit 'n' Oat Slices are available at  Asda and Sainsbury's and are coming to Tesco on February 16th RRP £1.49 (Introductory price of £1.00).

Perfect for lunch boxes, after school snacks, picnics, in the car or as a tasty treat.  As a mum they are an ideal choice to give your children, content in the knowledge that they are a much healthier alternative to other cereal bars, biscuits or cakes on the market.  

I've tried a few myself (in the interests of reviewing of course!) and they really are intensely fruity, packed with goodness, filling and satisfying.  18 month old Freddy has also tasted the Fruit 'n' Oat Slices.  I sliced a half of one into bite sized pieces and gave it to him as a snack.  He positively gobbled it up!

There are plans to launch bigger sized bars of the strawberry and apple flavours for adults on the go!

The Fabulous Bakin' Boys is an established family run bakery brand which adds fun and innovation to the art of baking, producing fabulous bakery products for the whole family.

Check out their website or find them on Facebook  and don't forget to say Inside the Wendy House sent you!


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