Thursday, 20 January 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful...week 3

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy with a Heart

Another week has flown by and here we are again looking back and finding reasons to be cheerful in our everyday lives.  Thank you again to Michelle at Mummy From the Heart for hosting and for sharing the love.  Do pop across and check out everyone elses' reasons and add you own post to the linky.  Let's really spread our cheer far and wide this week!

1:  I am really very happy to have won a PS3 thanks to Tango on Facebook!  I love comping and was delighted to see a slogan competition.  I penned a rhyming couplet and posted it on their wall and was chosen as the winner.  Almost instantly, someone commented that my entry was "shit and shouldn't have won"!  At this point a woman who I do not know leaped to my defence saying that my entry was funny and well worthy of winning.  She told the troll that his manners were terrible and that he was very rude. Bless her :)  Friends of mine and other people I don't know then searched out my winning entry and posted their support too!  So not  only am I getting a shiny new PS3, but my belief in the fact that there are mostly kind, decent, honest people out there was re-affirmed!

2:  I had a really lovely day today with my sister, my parents and a selection of our children!  We went out for a meal at Wetherspoons and even indulged in a Jam Roly Poly and custard for pudding.  Pleasure in the small things :)

3:  I've only just started reviewing but have done some work for Super Smoocher and I was so proud to see their blog entry today was about me :)  

It made me really happy to feel like the effort I'm putting in is being appreciated.  Fingers crossed that this is just the start and I can expand my little corner of cyberspace :)

So there are my three reasons for today's cheer.  ( I could have mentioned loads of other things because I'm actually feeling quite chipper today!)  I look forward to reading your reasons :)


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