Monday, 24 January 2011

Toilet overflow for your childish mind!

This week following my revelation on my 7 Things About Me list that I had a 'thing' for toilet humour, a lot of other fellow bloggers got all confessional and Twitter exploded into activity with lovely tweeps @SuperAmazingMum , @SAHMlovingit and @SusuRem  all admitting to sharing my amusement!  During the exhuberance that only discussions on toilet humour can bring, we decided to create our own meme.  A little bit of  low-brow blogging, light relief now known as Toilet Tuesday.

Does the toilet scene in American Pie or Dumb and Dumber reduce you to tears of laughter?
Do you think Le Petomane was a comedy genius?
Has your child made an artwork out of their nappy contents?
Have you had an embarrassing portaloo moment?
Do your children make loud, inappropriate references to personal hygiene products in supermarkets?
Do you have a wind-related confession to share?

Pants make a very good hat!!
We invite you to join in and link your post.  You can share any post, old or new, and broad interpretations are encouraged. 

If however you are easily offended...please accept the apologies of a 41 year old mother who should know better!

Let's lift the lid on this subject (see what I did there??) and share your experiences.  Let's find comfort by sharing our tales of shame.  Let's laugh at the baser side of life and let us all see that we are not alone.  Let's liberate tales of  our embarrassing moments.  Let's give the child inside a voice.  Let's have a laugh together.

Feel inspired by this Facebook status that a friend recently posted that had me giggling.  I will  mention no names to protect the innocent.

"Just went to pick a leaf from the floor in the downstairs loo. It wasn't. It was Poo."

I give you a one off Toilet Tuesday...please join in, link up and have a laugh with us!    

Inside The Wendy House

Full credit and big thanks to Stay at Home Mum Loving It for making the badge!  (She's so clever!) xxx


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