Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Nuby Review Part 1...No-Spill Drinking put to the Test!

I was lucky enough to be approached by Nuby as part of their exciting new initiative to connect with Mummy Bloggers to review from their range of baby feeding products and teething toys.

The company's philosophy is:

"At Nuby™ we strive towards making the lives of parents and children easy, simple and fun. The highest quality standards, global trends and continual product development help us bring parents everything they need for their baby's development.
Our products are inspired by nature and offer the best, safest and most simple choices for you and your baby."

I am already a fan of Nuby for removing BPA from all their feeding products, which shows a real committment to their safety standards.  We want the best for our little ones, it seems Nuby share that concern.

I received an exciting range of drinking products suited to the age and stage of my little boy and tiny tester Freddy. 

No Spill Insulated Cool Sipper
No Spill Sports Sipper
Insulated No Spill Flip-It

First impressions of the products is that they are very colourful and thoughtfully designed.  I love that there are so many options for the single purpose of quenching our little ones' thirst.  I have gone through so many varieties of beakers and sports' bottles over the years, but very few have impressed me.  They have leaked, poured, cracked, spilt, not resisted the gnaw of little teeth, the plastic has perished or they have been difficult to use due to their size or shape. 

The No-Spill promise on the products was of particular interest to me.  Freddy is a notorious pourer.  The amount of times we have picked him up from his car seat to find he has an empty beaker and a gusset full of juice which has soaked in to nappy level.  We've had to strip him down, clean him off and on one ocassion had to buy him new clothes (well Next were having a sale so it seemed like a good excuse!)

I let Freddy choose his first test subject and he made a bee-line for the Sports Sipper for ages 12 months and up.   This bottle is shaped for little hands with easy grips and had a Vari-Flo  Silicone straw with a built in valve that opens when sucked.  The soft straw is kind to baby's teeth and works using a natural drinking action.  It is a lovely sunny yellow colour and comes with a lid for when not in use.   Freddy immediately picked it up easily and started guzzling from it.  The valved straw was very easy for him to use.  I turned the bottle upside down and gave it a hard shake and not a drop escaped...impressive!   This was really easy to clean too.  It is a very grown-up style bottle which is a plus...Freddy wants to be like his older siblings so this totally fits the bill. 

Next up it was the turn of the Flip-It beaker .  I loved the colourful space design and the flip top, that flipped up to reveal a pop up straw, was very effective.  Using a valved soft sipper silicone straw, this was also a drip free, no spill drinking bottle.  The cup is insulated to keep drinks cool and to avoid the cup "sweating". The lid would make this ideal when on the go with baby.  Just flip it shut and throw it under the buggy or into a baby bag and it wouldn't leak and the straw would be protected and kept clean.  Freddy did try to tip it at first but soon worked out that he had to suck the drink up.  Big sister Kizzy took a shine to this cup (not wanting to miss out on the testing!)  She thinks it'll be perfect for school, keeping her water cool and keeping the drinking straw safely covered!

The last cup we tried was the Insulated Cool Sipper for ages 15 months plus which has a soft spout on the edge of the cup.  It comes in a variety of fun designs for boys and girls.  Freddy loved his "ball" design and the name label is perfect for identifying it at nursery.  This beaker encourages the motion of drinking from an open topped cup but has the security of a non-spill silicone spout.  This is also more gentle on baby's mouth.  It is insulated to keep the drink cool...perfect for when Summer comes (fingers crossed!)  Freddy coped well will this and the tipping action came naturally to him.  It's a step towards competent drinking from a regular cup or glass.  Again, there were no spills, no drips, no leaks...Nuby really do deliver on their claim!

One thing I really love about these bottles is that you can buy replacement spouts and straws.   This means you don't need to throw away the beaker because the spout has been chewed, which minimises waste and is more economical in the long run. 

I also think it is excellent to have such a variety of beakers to choose from  (Nuby produce six stages for all ages all using their patented drinking system) meaning that there will be one that your child can use with ease and without mess. Freddy definitely favoured the Sports Bottle.  Drinking is so important to keep babies and toddlers well hydrated, so if there is an element of fun involved it will encourage them.

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