Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Top Ten Favourite Posts I Have Written

I've just discovered Sluiter Nation and the fabulous meme that is Top Ten Tuesday.  Every Tuesday a new top ten topic is posted and we are invited to drop by to read the post and link up our own Top Ten.  Today's theme is the "Top Ten Favourite Posts I Have Written".  This appealed to me as it has given me the opportunity to look back through my blog to find the posts that have meant the most to me, and to share them again. 

1: When they Fly the Nest In 2009, my two eldest children both left home.  My son left for love, my daughter left to go to university.  This post is about how that made me feel.

2: Being a Mother My thoughts and feelings about the most important role I will ever play.

3: Why my Mum and Dad Really are Superheroes In 2010 my parents were shortlisted as the Volkswagen Ultimate Family Superheroes, which catapulted us into a rollercoaster of an experience.  Although  they didn't come first they won £2500 for charity.  This post explains why I nominated them.

4: Ultimate Family Superhero...the Challenge I blogged about our VW challenge...what a day!

5: Happy Birthday to my Baby Boy  When my son was born 22 years ago the experience was extremely traumatic.  Thankfully we both survived.  Here's our story.

6: My Horror Marriage!  Don't's just a play on words :)

7: Still Missing You Carol  My sister died in 1995.  I wrote this on what would have been her 51st birthday. 

8: My Teenaged Songstress My 14 year old daughter Ella brings music to our family :)

9: To my Sixteen Year Old Self  This post was important in that it was really therapeutic to me.  It was the first time I'd shared this bad experience, sending it out into the ether was cathartic!

10: I'm not a New Age Mother...I'm Me!  A look at my attachment mothering!

I've enjoyed delving into my archives.  I hope some of my posts can get a new airing in the blogosphere, and I hope to read some new blogs too :)


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