Thursday, 27 January 2011

Reasons to be Cheerful...a Bittersweet Post

I can't believe that the first month of 2011 is almost over.  Time is flying by, which is why I love pausing for thought to think of three reasons for feeling cheerful.  It punctuates my week reminding me to find the joy in little things.  This week however has turned awful and I am struggling to be cheery.

Little Freddy is poorly.  He is running a fever, won't touch food or juice and has two infected ears and an infected throat. He's been under the weather for a few days but the infections came on really rapidly and from 1am this morning until falling asleep a couple of hours ago he has screamed in pain.  Thankfully we had a doctor's triage appointment, thus the diagnosis, and we now have antibiotics.  Now although this is not a good thing on any level, I have found some things that I am mercifully happy about.

1:  The fact that I still breastfeed him has made me really happy.  I am able to offer him something that can help.  Last night he couldn't even feed because he was so distraught, but today he is back on the boob.  I know he is getting nourishment and fluids, as well as comfort.  I am so glad to be able to do this for him and it justifies my decision not to stop on his first birthday, which everyone expected me to do.

2:  My faith in "Team McDonald" has yet again been strengthened.  My husband stood and rocked his screaming son for hours last night.  Fred was inconsolable and lying down made him worse, so his Daddy thought nothing of standing up in nought but his boxers cradling his screaming son to give me some respite.  He came with me to the doctor's knowing how frantic I was and how, with crumbled nerves and no sleep, I would have found it hard to cope with holding Fred down as doctors probed his ears and stuck tongue depressors in his tiny baby mouth.  We are united in our dedication to our family and our parenting views are mirrored in each other.  I couldn't imagine parenting with any other man in the world :)

3:  I am so thankful that Freddy's illness is so easily fixable.  In a couple of days he'll be back to his cheeky, boisterous self.  I am so thankful for this. At 3a.m. my mind considered all the possible and much bleaker scenarios and gripped my heart with fear.  Although my little man is still feeling sorry for himself, and still hurting he'll be OK.  I've been overwhelmed by my lovely friends, family and neighbour's support.  I might not have a big social circle, but there are a lot of people who care about me and mine which is another reason for me to smile.  In the words of one of my friends:
"Today is the bottom of the curve.  The only way is up..."  a reason to be cheerful indeed!

He'll soon be up to mischief again!!

Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart


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