Monday, 31 January 2011

Poundland for Cold and Flu Relief

If your household has been struck down my one of the many horrible viruses that have been doing the rounds this year, I have some news that you may help ease your symptoms without breaking the bank!  Poundland are stocking a range of cold and flu relief products for the fabulous price of......yes you guessed it £1!!

Big brand names such as Covonia, Beecham's, Lemsip, Hall's and Vick's are all available in store.   So whether you are stocking up just in case to be prepared (fingers crossed you won't be needing them) or if you have a family member who is already coughing, spluttering and sneezing, check out Poundland for some amazing bargains.

Hope you all stay healthy and well...but if not, it's reassuring to know that there are some top brand health products available at Poundland's amazingly low price!

While you are there, check out their extra value range with great bargains on everyday products by brands such as Astonish and Pledge; beauty care by Dove, Original Source and Johnson's; snacks including Weightwatcher's range of low calorie treats and even some DIY products including Hammerite paint.


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