Saturday, 22 January 2011

Making Smiles on Faces Award

Thank you so much  to QWERTY Mum for honouring me with this reward.

Not only is she my wonderful sister, she is also my best buddy!  I love reading her blog and watching her totally creative and beautifully edited videos.  I appreciate all the film making advice she has given me since we started our journey into our cyberspace adventure, and I look forward to finding out where this path will lead us. So back at you sis!

Now I am passing the blog love on.  My brilliant daughter Not Met Megan has already been acknowledged by her proud Auntie, but how could I not also pass this award on to her as a proud Mum.  She is a newbie to the blogosphere, but already her blog shows such promise.  I am so proud of her dedication and committment and her posts make me smile, giving me another link to my  little girl since she left home for university :)  Keep up the good work my darling girl.  I love you!

Next I'd like to award this accolade to Super Lucky...A Comper's Blog.  Di's blog was one of the first blogs I   followed as a fellow comper.  She was a real inspiration to me as I entered the unknown environment of internet comping, and she soon became a cyber friend.  Her bright and breezy posts giving advice and keeping us in the know always raise a smile.  It's lovely to read about her experiences and she gives us all hope!  Thanks Di x

Mummy From the Heart is someone who brings cheer to us all weekly by hosting Reasons to be Cheerful.  She's helped me find grace in small things and joy in the mundane.  She's brightened up January and deserves to be honoured.  Thanks Michelle x

A big special smiley shout out to my two youngest girls who fill me with delight and pride everyday:
Just Simply Ella    I love her beautifully quirky style and her music video posts.
A Calm Zoned Kid  I am so amazed that at 8 she is blogging and inventing memes.
They both make me smile and make me proud :)


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