Wednesday, 30 November 2011

NaBloPoMo is Over

I have taken part in NaBloPoMo and blogged everyday for the whole of November (go me!!)  This is actually my 76th blog post this month...I really do have excessive blogging syndrome.

I may not have completely fulfilled my own remit as laid down in my post from November 1st,  pledging to take part in the NaBloPoMo Challenge (ie not including lazy posts), but I've certainly posted everyday.  I have written reviews for Christmas present ideas, hosted competitions, joined in with memes, posted  recipes, film and game reviews and reported from events, as well as writing some personal heartfelt posts.  Quite a mixed bag!!

It's been fun, but I didn't enjoy the feeling of pressure and deadlines when I was battling against having a poorly toddler, getting no sleep and feeling ill myself!  But I refuse to be beaten.  Somedays I realise I just have nothing to say!  Other days I'm bursting with ideas.  I've also got a lot of commitments through working with PR companies, especially in the run up to Christmas with my Gift Guide.  I take those commitments seriously.

This challenge has made me appreciate that this blog is my place.  My words.  My way.  If I want a day off then that is OK.  If I post five times in one day, that's OK too.  I hope people enjoy what I do or at least some of what I do!!  As long as I am enjoying my blog, I will continue to write it.  Lesson learned!


  1. ha ha - read my thoughts on my blog today....exactly the same but you are far more eloquently put!!!!!! (is that even a sentence?!)

  2. well done you! I knew I wouldn't be able to cope with that pressure...although I suppose if I had spread my posts out rather than doing 4 in one day I could've done it as I've posted 54 times this month!!
    I love your blog....when I get the time to read all of those posts!!

  3. Wendy i still cant believe you posted 76 times last month that is excessive indeed!! But good on you though!! I think you have hit the blogging nail on the head in that it is your blog and up to you how often and how regular you post!! I an sorry i didnt get over here that often - that was a downside not commenting elsewhere as much as i would like xx

  4. Wendy please don't ever stop blogging - your blogs are brilliant and sometimes make me laugh. Occasionally I have been known to get emotional when reading your blogs. Keep up the good work.



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