Thursday, 1 December 2011

Cars 2 Drive and Talk McQueen

We are huge fans of Disney.  We are complete suckers for the films, the songs, the characters and the merchandise.  We can't get enough of Disney.

We were very excited to receive a Disney Pixar Cars 2 Drive and Talk McQueen plush toy in our final Toyologist consignment.  The cute and cuddly Lightning McQueen toy comes with a cuddly key to start the engine, it makes engine sounds and says catch phrases and moves with a vroooom!!

You have to push down on Lightning's bonnet or stick the magnetic key to the roof to activate the sounds and motion. 

Sounds great??  So why then does this just not quite do it for me?  I just fail to understand the concept of an electronic cuddly car!!  Lightning is a mean machine, built for speed.  It does not translate to a soft, puffy toy with wheels that don't spin and absolutely no aerodynamics at all.  The loud roaring of the engine and the Ka-Chow catchphrase doesn't quite fit the new softer image.  It also only says a couple of phrases which just repeat and get old quickly.  There are two wheels in a heavy plastic base underneath which allows the car to move, but it only goes a short distance and very slowly.  It actually waddles which isn't very race car-like!  

Freddy wasn't overly impressed with the toy.  He kept pushing it to try and make it go faster and further.  He liked the sounds, but as Lightning was neither a cuddly toy that you could snuggle with due to the plastic base, or a speedy vehicle that whizzed around the floor, I'm not sure Freddy really knew what to do with him. He tried to use it as a sit n ride at one point!!  He lost interest quite quickly. 

I am sad to not be singing the praises of my favourite franchise, but this just didn't quite do it for us.  We want our cars whizzy and our soft toys cuddly.  Trying to mix it just isn't a good combination.  We still love Disney and we still love Lightning McQueen and Cars 2 toys....just not in this format. 


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