Sunday, 25 September 2011

Listography...5 Celebrities to Share a Beer With

This week Kate is dragging us into the heady world of celebrity for her Listography theme.  She is asking us to pick out our top 5 choices of drinking buddy from Celebville, with whom we would like to share a swift half!!  In my case it will have to be a non-alcoholic beer.  This would be a wise move, because heaven help a celebrity when faced with me having fallen off my wagon of sobriety.  Now that would make the front page of The Sun!!  So without further ado, here are my five!

1:  Gary Barlow
The chubby, slightly cross eyed, poor dancer from the early days of Take That has been replaced by a lean, mean and moody, rugged sex bomb of a man.  I would certainly enjoy having a frosty beverage with Mr Barlow in one of Manchester's finest drinking holes.  I loved Gary when he was the one we sniggered at in TT...the talent who lacked the sex appeal of his band mates.  But like a phoenix from the ashes, he has risen to take the title of the 'fit one'!  You gotta love him!

2: Derren Brown
I'd love to pop out for a drink with Derren Brown.  I want my mind read, I want to have strange things suggested to me, I want to be made to rob a Securior Van or land a Jumbo Jet...and then hit the casinos and clean up with his winning techniques.  That'd be an evening well spent.

3:  The TOWIE cast
Seriously Shut Up!  How fabulous to immerse yourself in the world of TOWIE, my favourite Z Listers!  It'd be like being in an episode.  I'd grab my fake tan, get vajazzled and look totally reem.  I'd love to chat to Joey Essex and meet Nana Pat, ask the girls what on earth they see in Mark and sip my Pepsi Max while they quaff some pink champers.

4:  Davina McCall
I know she isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I think we'd get on.  That is all!

5:  Brad Pitt
How could I not want to share a beer with Brad Pitt!  I wouldn't even mind if he brought along Ange and the kids, as long as he showed up.  Just look at him.  I love him. *swoons*  And after he had finished his drink I would take the glass and extract his DNA from the traces of saliva and clone my very own Brad, Dolly the Sheep style.  Just imagine!


  1. great post!........ sorry I got sidetracked from your Klout piccie.... wow!

    Anyway... Gary Barlow, yes.... he is rather nice. There is still something I don't quite like about him, but I'm not sure what it is!! I love Davina too, I'd like to go for a beer with her as well!

  2. Think I preferred old Gary when he was a bit chubby - love the underdog.
    I considered Davina too - think she'd be fun for a night out.

  3. Good choices, Gary would have been on my list too if we were allowed more than 5! :-) He suddenly got HOT! :-)

  4. OMG Brad looks lush there and I have never thought that!! For 2 people born on the same day we have such different tastes - I have never even heard of the Towie cast!!! x

  5. I loved reading this blog. I have to agree with you Gary Barlow is now a sex symbol in my book. I only watch the X Factor because I like to watch Gary.

  6. The Towie cast - hilarious! I think you may have to fight off half the women in the country to get to Gary though...
    (So lovely of you to join in - thanks!)

  7. And you and I were a bit like number one but now you are like Gary and I am still trying to flap my wings from the ashes.
    Really interesting list



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