Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Gallery....Shoes

This week's Gallery prompt has seen me dust off an old favourite for another airing.  It's one of my favourite photos because of what it symbolises.

It's a pic of Ian's big size 12 work boots next to Freddy's first shoes.  It's hard to believe that one day those feet that were then in tiny size 5 shoes, will one day be as big as his daddy's.  

Such a tiny boy, but full of so much promise and potential.

It's magical watching your child grow.

Already he is is size 7 shoes and is getting taller by the week.  I love every moment of him.

One day he will be a man like his big brother Joe and his daddy, but for now I relish having a baby boy to love, cuddle and adore.

Link up at Tara's where you can see other shoes...many probably a lot more glamorous than these ones!


  1. How lovely! My little boys shoes seem so big these days! It goes too fast! xx

  2. Awww, that's a very precious photograph to keep :)

  3. What a lovely shot. Just wait till your little man has his daddy's boots on stomping up and down the hall!

  4. Oh, golly, that is a frightening thought, isn't it. My son's shoes look nearly as big as mine (they aren't they just seem it) and he's only 7.

  5. Mummyandthebeastie7 September 2011 at 13:15

    Such a great photo to show how tiny their feet are. It's hard to imagine he will probably fit in them one day! xx

  6. A reminder of just how quickly they grow up! Such a great photo to treasure :)

  7. Great pic and lovely sentiment too. Your love shines through this post

  8. ah that is so the little shoes!



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