Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The Art of Giving Flowers

The other day, Ian bought me flowers.  Just like that.  He returned home from work clutching a bouquet of flowers that he presented to me with flourish as I was cooking dinner in the kitchen.  It wasn't Valentine's Day, our anniversary or my birthday.  He gave me flowers because he said he was proud of me for everything I had achieved and wanted to do something nice to let me know how much he loved me.  My spirits soared and my smile lit up my face.  A thoughtful and unexpected gesture like this can really make your day.

flower giving

Flowers have been used for centuries to symbolise meanings.  The Victorians used to give and receive flowers as a part of their courtship.  Each flower had a meaning and the bouquets contained a secret message for the lady to interpret.  The romantic gentleman could convey his feelings and intentions using the secret code of flowers.  There was real thought and meaning behind the art of giving flowers.  Here are some of those hidden meanings.

  • Carnation- Fascination
  • Chrysanthemum- Friendship
  • Daisy- Loyal love
  • Orchid- Love and beauty
  • Lily- Purity and sweetness
  • Red rose- Romantic love
  • Pink rose- Secret love
  • Yellow rose- Friendship
  • White rose- Innocent love
  • Rose, Yellow & Orange: Passionate thoughts
My bouquet contained a red rose and I think Ian definitely made a good choice!

Even though we no longer adhere to the same code, buying flowers for a loved one is a gesture full of love and thought.  Favourite colours, preferred blooms and bouquets that we think suit the recipient's personality are thoughtful and valid reasons for choosing a particular arrangement and bring such joy.  As long as they are picked with love, flowers are sure to please!


  1. How lovely! Flowers always make my day too! x

  2. What a lovely gesture - its sometimes the little things that count. It does make you feel special when a loved one does something like this.

  3. I LOVE getting flowers, and Jim is a great flower giver. Last week he sent some to me at work because he was away for a few days. He sends them on our anniversary, my birthday, even the anniversary of my dad's death because he knows how much that still hurts. Everyone at work is sooooo jealous. But the best flowers of all were years and years ago, when we had no car and Jim cycled to work. He'd stop off to pick a bunch of wild flowers, and protect them on the way home by shoving them down the front of his cycling jacket. Some of them would be a bit crushed when he got home, especially delicate things like campion or starwort.. But they remain the best flowers I've ever received.

  4. That is the nicest story ever! Jim is a true romantic and an incredibly thoughtful man. You both are fabulous people. I feel that way about flowers when Freddy pulls up some dandelions or daisies from the lawn and gives them to me! More recently he presented me with an onion he had picked from one of my tubs!! It is definitely the sentiment that means the most. xxx

  5. You are beautiful and I love you. So, sometimes I bring you flowers to remind you of the these facts. A gesture that need no words yet speaks a thousand. Love you Wendy.XXX



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