Thursday, 30 June 2011

Wrap & Go With Tommee Tippee

However much I love and adore my son, there are times when I'll happily hand him over to his Daddy.  Such a time is when he has a loaded nappy!  The  contents of a toddler's nappy ain't pretty!  Nor does it smell sweet!  Dealing with nappies away from home compounds the problem...has anyone driven home with a stinking nappy in the footwell??

Thankfully Tommee Tippee have come up with an ingenious solution to nappy disposal, perfect when on the go!  The Sangenic Wrap and Go Dispenser is a stylish clip on dispenser that attaches to a changing bag, car door or buggy, containing hygienic, anti-bacterial, scented wraps.  They are on hand whenever you need them.  No more rooting around for an elusive nappy sack at the bottom of your handbag, whilst struggling with a wriggly baby mid-nappy change!

The easy tie handles contain the toxic toddler waste eliminating 99% of germs on contact and are citrus scented to neutralise any stinky smell!
The bright blue, pink and yellow bags tear off easily and are thicker than the average nappy sack.   They fit nicely in the dispenser and really do the job perfectly well!  They give real peace of mind in terms of combating odour and eliminating germs!  They are convenient and perfect for on the go nappy emergencies!

They are big enough for using with re-usable nappies, providing a smell free, germ free transporting solution to carry the nappy home for laundering.

With their good size, I think these will also be great for the early days of potty training.  If there is a toilet training related accident, one of these bags would easily and hygienically accommodate a soggy pair of trousers and pants. This will be so useful when away from home.

Fits easily to bag, buggy or in the car.
Citrus scented, pink, big and strong anti-bacterial nappy wrap!
All Wrapped up!
The Sangenic Wrap and Go Dispenser and Refills aren't the cheapest option for nappy disposal on the market, but they certainly are very different, well conceived, convenient  and easy to use.  

The Sangenic Wrap & Go dispenser is priced from £4.99 and includes 30 wraps (15 per roll), refills are also available  priced from £4.99 and includes 3 refills (15 wraps per roll).  The Sangenic range is available from Asda, Tesco, Morrisons, Boots, Argos, Mothercare, Babies R Us, and
Find out more about the range or buy online at


  1. jessies_online1 July 2011 at 09:21

    when I first looked I thought they were a mini nappy bin - just what I need for Jacks stinky nappies that get sent home from pre-school in his bag! but I see they are just the bags - are they really good for eliminating the smells? as after a whole day at pre-school Jacks bag is pretty stinky if he did a poo just after 9am!!!

  2. The bags are definitely thicker, bigger and have a really good lemony smell that stops the stink and they kill the germs! I haven't tested them with a 9am poo filled nappy left all day in a nursery bag...that sounds like the ultimate test though! Do they not have bins at nursery??? They send the nappy home??? Really????

  3. jessies_online1 July 2011 at 09:50

    No nappy bins, it's in the Childrens centre and I don't think there are funds available to buy one & get it emptied daily - there are not many in nappies so they just send them home - it's a big incentive to get him out of nappies over the summer ready for when he does 3 full days - phewwww what a stink that will be!! They even double up the bags & put them in another rucksack inside his bag & still we can smell it!!

  4. I think modern Mums are so lucky - everything seems to be geared into making their lives so much easier than when I was a young Mum. I applaud any company for making this possible and the sangenic wrap and go dispenser sounds an ideal sollution to nappy changing, especially whilst in the car or visiting relatives.

  5. Very smart! I was not aware of this product. I agree with Jil, modern Mums are so lucky!!!



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