Saturday, 14 September 2013

What Fred Said This Week

Another week of Fred-isms has kept me entertained and delighted, as I get to understand the world according to Freddy.  I love his take on things and the way he articulates himself.  He is learning so much and his imagination is developing beautifully.  4 is a great age!

At bedtime.

Me: Close your eyes.
Freddy:  Is that so the dreamworld can come into my eyeballs?

About Jesus.

Freddy:  Who's Jesus?
Me: He's a man that some people think is the son of God who did lots of good and kind things for people.
Freddy:  Is he Mike the Knight?

On Diets.

"You could get skinny if you go to the doctors for a hoperation to take off your skin, take out some bones and put some skinny skin back on."

Personal Hygiene.

"I smelt something today.  I thought it was a fart but it was just someone's stink."

On School.

"I had a really good day.  I didn't even fall over."

On his family.

"Mummy smells of bananas and custard.  Kizzy smells of chair fluff.  Ella smells of love and rainbows!"

On beards:

"The spikes on daddy's face make my chin feel all scrumbly!"

On having his photo taken:

"I don't want to smile, I want to look cool!" (the resulting photo really is pretty cool!!)

On Injustice:

Freddy came in crying indignantly and saying Kizzy was being mean to him.  I asked what happened and he said Kizzy had told him loudly to 'Stop It'.  I asked him what he was doing for her to shout at him like that and he replied "hitting her with a stick!!"

In the Queue at Morrison's we were behind a soldier in uniform.

Freddy: Why is that man wearing those clothes.
Ella: Because he is a soldier.
Freddy:  Does he fight baddies? (followed by very loudly) IS HE A NINJA??!!

Thankfully the soldier thought it was very funny :)


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