Tuesday, 17 September 2013

What Do You Feel Like Tonight??

I will never forget the launch of a new cooking sauce and its advertising campaign that hit our TVs back in 1993. My kids singing "I feel like Chicken Tonight," while flapping their arms like crazed chickens still sticks in my mind!

Now, twenty years later the range is expanding with a brand new selection of Tonight sauces in six new flavours that are no longer restricted to being made with just chicken.  As a vegetarian, I have always found the reference to meat in the brand name a bit unnecessary, especially as the sauce itself is generally veggie friendly and can easily be made up using meat alternatives such as Quorn, soya or TVP . So the dropping of the "chicken" in the Tonight sauces name makes the brand far more accessible to me and my family.  I really like the new look labels and the "Tonight I feel like..." line is a clever modernisation of the branding slogan.

The new vegetarian friendly flavours are:

Spicy BBQ
Chile Con carne
Mild Curry
Sausage Casserole

Using Quorn mince, pieces, fillets, steak strips and sausages, I can make some hearty meals in minutes to feed the family.

*There are also Beef and Ale Casserole and Cottage Pie varieties, but as they contain beef extract are not suitable for vegetarians. Shame.  But I will pass them on to be tested by one of my more carnivorous family members!

I was sent a hamper of Tonight sauces and some fabulous treats so I can make the most of the time saved by making quick and easy family favourite meals without the fuss!

Dad's Tonight

What beats a curry with pilau rice, mango chutney and naan breads while watching a bit of Top Gear?  Just add a bottle of beer (or two)  and that is many blokes best night in.  The curry sauce is creamy and mild with a 100g serving containing just 95 calories and 1 gram of saturated fat.  So even health conscious dads can indulge in their favourite food.

We used a pack of Quorn pieces and some frozen mixed vegetables to the Tonight curry sauce and the result was a tasty and hearty curry.  It went perfectly with a side of Jeremy Clarkson on the TV.

Mum's Tonight

After saving time on the cooking there is time to kick back and unwind in a tub full of bubbles with a scented candle.  Bliss.

Leaving the kids with a yummy Sausage Casserole made with Quorn sausages and sliced mushrooms gives me some peace and quiet!  The sauce is packed with chunks of swede and carrot and contains herbs making it a lovely hearty dish.  It cooked in the oven in just 20 minutes.

Girls' Tonight

A chick flick and a good gossip is top of the list when it comes to a girls' night in with my girls.  A nice veggie Chilli Con Carne served with tortilla chips is the perfect supper to accompany a good Kathyrn Heigl movie.

I made it using a pack of Quorn mince and added a can of butterbeans too.  The Tonight Chilli Con Carne sauce was rich with a nice hint of warmth and a spattering of kidney beans.  It made a lovely girls' night supper while we watched 27 Dresses! (Great film for anyone who loves a good girly romcom!)


All in all, I am very impressed with the quality of the Tonight sauces when it comes to making a quick and easy dinner in a flash just by adding a packet of Quorn and some vegetables.  It's nice that the majority are veggie friendly and the labelling is clear.  It would be really nice if a veggie alternative serving suggestion was also included on the label. Tonight sauces would make a good store cupboard staple for those of us who don't eat meat.  It may also encourage others to try a meat-free way of preparing the Tonight sauce, introducing them to veggie cuisine in an easy way.

They cost £1.99 each and are available in all major supermarkets.


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