Saturday, 21 September 2013

What Fred Said about his Future, Boobs and the Common Cold

This week Freddy has had a cold.  This has sparked a host of beautiful observations from my snotty 4 year old.

"My heart giggled and it made my throat tickle, then Boom - I got a cold!"

"Why have I got crumbs up my nose?"  (At least it was more polite than saying bogeys!)

"When you do this" *breathes in through nose* "it sounds all snifftly!"

Plus he keeps running up to me lovingly, then wiping his nose on my leg!  Oh the joys of these back to school germs!


He had a new supply teacher at school this week and he was a bit confused by her name.

"She's called Mrs.Dyer.  But she's not dead. She's actually alive!"


Ella was chatting to Freddy about his future and a few gems were said!

Ella: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Freddy: A man called Dave.

Ella: What job do you want to do?
Freddy: I want to kill spiders.

Being called Dave is something that is playing on his mind.  He later told me:
"I'm changing my name to Dave next weekend so next weekend call me Dave!"


He has made some interesting physical observations this week too!  Out of the blue he said:

"Ella has got bigger boobs than mummy."
He is not wrong, my B cups cannot compete with Ella's D cups!

Daddy picked Freddy up from school one day this week, and he made a nice observation about his dad's car:

"Your car stinks like rotten sweets and barbecues! You should clean it"


Freddy still has very little interest in learning to read and how ever hard I try, he will not co-operate with reading his school books.  Every word I try to sound out with him is apparently pronounced: "B-U-M" or "F-A-R-T"!  I pray to god he doesn't say this when reading with his teacher!


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