Friday, 20 September 2013

StickyGrams - Fridge Magnets using Instagram Images!

We all love Instagram on our phones, those beautifully framed photos enhanced by filters that we love to share online.  Well now we can liberate our Instagram images from our phones with these gorgeous StickyGram fridge magnets.  They are guaranteed to make your fridge look funky allowing you to share your Instagram images in the real world too! 


I was given the chance to make a set of nine StickyGram magnets.  It was so easy to connect my Instagram account to the StickyGram website and pick my favourite nine images. And that was it, they were ready to order.

The magnets arrived incredibly fast (ordered on Monday, delivered on Wednesday).  They arrived in a sturdy envelope that kept them well protected in transit. It was impressive service!

The StickyGram magnets are really well made, durable and have a lovely matt finish.  The colours and printing captures the original photo quality resulting in a perfect reproduction of your Instagram images that can be put on the fridge to display.

The set of nine magnets cost $14.99 (current exchange rate £9.34) with free postage worldwide.  You can get $2 off your first order using the code: FRIENDPEAB (this also earns me $2 credit every time it is used). You can share photos of your StickyGram magnets on Instagram using the hashtag #StickyGram for the chance to win goodies.

I think they are great :)  Make yours at!


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