Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Skwooshi Review

Skwooshi is the modelling compound with a difference.  You can roll it, build it, layer it, shape it and "skwoosh" it!  We were sent some to try, so we could discover the secret of Skwooshi for ourselves.

The activity set we received consisted of 6oz of the Skwooshi compound in three colours, along with activity tools for shaping and rolling, shape cutters and a cutting tool, as well as three storage containers for the Skwooshi.

Skwooshi works like other modelling clays with the advantage of never drying out.  It also is less messy as it is dry and won't stick to clothing, carpets or furniture. It can simply be brushed or vaccuumed away. Kizzy and Freddy enjoyed making models, cutting out shapes and stamping the Skwooshi.  But its play value goes beyond that - with the Skwooshi Effect! If you pull a lump of Skwooshi apart it changes from a solid to a free flowing, crumbly textured substance that oozes through your fingers.  It is really strange!

Perhaps the best way to showcase Skwooshi is by using video, so Kizzy and Freddy, my Tiny Testers demonstrate the fun to be had with this unique toy!



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