Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Does Pearl Drops Instant White 4D really work?

In my 44 years I have never had a filling or an extraction.  My dentist commends me every time I have a check-up, on how well I keep my teeth clean (pat on the back for me and my toothbrush!)  It's just such a shame that that my teeth are wonky and not very white.

There's not much I can do about the wonkiness apart from spending a fortune on a brace, which I am not prepared to do (even though the dentist tries to persuade me to do it every year). But the colour of my enamel can be helped a bit with a tooth whitening system.  Again I am not prepared to splash out hundreds of quid on some new fangled technique involving UV lights and bottles of bleach, but I am happy to buy a product that I can use at home that isn't expensively priced.

Cue Pearl Drops Instant White 4D.  It is a clinically proven tooth polish for instant shine and gloss that claims to get your teeth two shades whiter in a week.  It comes with a tooth shade guide (a bit like the Dulux colour charts but for teeth) on the side so you can gauge the whitening effect.  It goes from 1-14, with 1 being 'Simon Cowell's smile' white and 14 being 'Dot Cotton 40 a day smoker' yellow.  I had a check of mine against the guide before starting the seven day three times daily programme.  I was an 10.  This made me sad.  Oh why din't mother nature bless me with a set of pearly whites?

pearl drops

The tooth polish is bright pink and reminds me of that pink stuff dentists get you to swill with.  It makes your teeth look really pink when you are cleaning them and doesn't bubble up.  I used it as well as my normal toothpaste because I couldn't cope without a bubbly, minty fresh cleaning before using the Pearl Drops. However the Pearl Drops does prevent cavities, remove plaque and protect enamel in the same way as a regular toothpaste does so this isn't necessary.  It was a psychological thing with me.

My teeth really did look whiter immediately after use.  I couldn't work out if it was an optical illusion, a light reflective coating or whether it actually reduced staining that effectively, but I kept smiling at myself in the mirror feeling a bit like Rylan must have done after getting his new veneers!  This instant shine does diminish as the day goes on, but cleaning regularly brings it back.  I was a positive 9 or maybe even a 8.5 on the teeth whiteness scale after a week!

My girls wanted to try it out too and they said the same thing.  It made their teeth whiter. The whitening was most noticeable on Kizzy - maybe because she has never drunk coffee her enamel isn't as stained as mine and is therefore very easy to clean to a whiter, brighter shade.

So, the verdict is - yes.  This is actually quite impressive in the short term.  It definitely makes teeth appear whiter while you are using the product.  It doesn't make a permanent change and you need to keep using it twice a day to maintain the improvement.  So, for an upcoming event or for a photo shoot, using Pearl Drops Instant White 4D in the run up will give you a brighter smile with improved whiteness, lustre and sheen.

At £3 this is a well priced product that really will make a difference to your teeth's whiteness and shine.  For me, that is such a confidence boost so I'd definitely buy it again.


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