Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Good Clean Fun with Cussons Mum & Me Little Explorers

Cussons have recently launched a lovely range of kids' bath time products, Mum & Me Little Explorers, to make having a bath more fun. Freddy was sent some to try out.  He is currently a little bit in love with his bath time and loves experimenting with new products, so he was quite excited about being the chief tester of the Super Soft Squidgy Soap and the Bath Crackles.

Super Soft Squidgy Soap [£2.49 – 200ml]

"Let their creativity flow at bathtime and have fun with the Super Soft Squidgy Soap that can be shaped and moulded into anything their imagination wants. The gentle formulation is hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved and contains Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E, helping to leave their skin feeling soft and smooth."


The squidgy soap is a fun, mouldable soap which can be used to make fun shapes whilst you relax in the bath.  It is white and Freddy liked pretending he had snowballs which he threw around!  It resembles shaving foam, and has a mild, pleasant smell.  It did leave some scum around the top of the bath water so whip your little ones out when you pull the plug to avoid them dunking their freshly washed hair into the scummy dregs that accumulate in the bottom of the tub.  Yes - that's what Fred did!  Other than that, the product is a lot of fun and kids get clean as they play. Perfect!

Funky Fizz Bath Crackles [£1.00- 30g]

"Add some magic to bathtime with these exciting bath crackles that pop and bang as they hit the water, before changing the colour of the bathwater as they dissolve. Your kids will love them and so will you as they’re hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved."


This is like Space Dust for the tub!  The water fizzled and crackled around Freddy which made Freddy giggle.  The effect was quite shortlived but a lot of fun while it lasted, great to encourage reluctant bathers into the tub. They did have a bit of a chemical smell, but as they hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved I didn't worry. It's another fun addition to bathtimes which Freddy approved of!

Our verdict: Good clean fun and excellent stocking fillers!


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