Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Blingles Glimmer Glam Styler Review

Kizzy loves stickers, glitter, sparkles and anything glam.  So Blingles Glimmer was always destined to be popular with her.  When she was sent one to try out, she set to work with the pots of glitter and gem stones to create some bling-tastic stickers!

The set allows children to create 60 glitter stickers which can then be used to decorate almost everything with a smooth surface.  You simply peel off the top layer from the similarly coloured sections of the sticker sheet, then rub on the glitter using the clever little rollers which are attached to the lids of the glitter pots.  You then brush off the excess before doing the next coloured sections to complete your design.  there are four different colours included on the stickers that correspond to the four differnt glitter colours - but you can go freestyle and do it your way if you want to. Some stickers are finished off with a gem stone to make them look even more glam!

The Blingles studio is easy to set up, you simply put in the glitter collection tray and gem tray and the four tubs of glitter and you are ready to go.  Everything fits in nicely and the activity is well contained (vital when glitter is involved because the stuff gets everywhere!)


It is really easy to make the stickers.  The glitter sticks really well to the adhesive and the colours don't mix so the end design looks pretty good.  It is in no way fiddly, and the glitter rollers keep mess to a minimum.  4 year old Freddy was even able to make some sparkly candy stickers with minimum support. Once the design is finished, the sticker can be lifted off from the backing sheet and stuck just about phone case, Fred's toybox, the Blingles Glimmer Studio itself...I'm finding them everywhere! They certainly add a bit of sparkle and glam up your possessions.

The choice of stickers includes stars, hearts, rockets, cupcakes, ice creams, skulls, bats, lightning bolts, musical notes, diamonds, guitars and more, so there is a nice mix.  It's not all stereotypically girly and will appeal to a wide range of tastes.

After some considerable use, the studio did get a bit messy and I did end up with glitter on my face and in my hair, even though it was the kids who were using it! But it's all part of the fun of getting creative with a craft set. The glitter could be swept off into the bin easily enough after use, leaving the studio clean for another day's play.

Blingles Glimmer

The Blingle Glimmer Glam Styler Studio retails at £19.99. Additional theme packs of stickers are available to purchase separately in Candy, Fashion and Twilight designs.  Find out more at:


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