Monday, 16 September 2013

Back At School - Products Round-Up

We're two weeks in to the new school year and Freddy has caught his first bug.  Poor little man is riddled with cold.  My Back To School wall chart from Boots has hints and tips for keeping little ones well and recommends the Boots Cold and Flu Defence Spray as a good way of reducing the severity and duration of a cold.  It might prove a good investment!  You can find the FREE chart online here.  It has some great advice (including a little gem of wisdom from yours truly regarding keeping little ones well hydrated!)


Boots also sent me some handy items for my medicine cabinet.  This has come in handy as we have had a cut knee to deal with already after Freddy fell off a scooter.  A First Aid Kit is definitely a must-have when you have children!  The Boots Complete First Aid Kit has a great selection of bandages, wipes, plasters, dressings, tape etc. so you can deal with everyday accidents from grazes to burns to sprains.  The first aid booklet is very useful and everything is contained in a handy zip up case. (rrp £19.99)


At the moment, a clean school uniform stays looking smart on Freddy for approximately 30 seconds.  We have seen paint splodges, school lunch spills and dirty knees already.  Dr. Beckmann have helped save the day thanks to their Stain Survival Kit that I was sent to try. It can help keep the kids' uniforms clean by treating stains caused by felt tips, pens, crayons, yogurt, fruit juice, carrot, egg, ink and a whole host of other common stains using three of their specific stain removers. (rrp £3.99)  I'll be trying out the in-wash Stain Remover and Hygiene White next week (rrp £1.99 and £2.25 for 5 sachet packs) as Kizzy is off on a residential, activity trip on Wednesday where she is guaranteed to get covered in mud.  That is one load of laundry I am not looking forward to!  You can take a look at their product range, information and testimonials online.

stain removers

I went to the Tots 100 Blog Summit at the weekend and took part in the Cow & Gate #fruityfun blindfold taste test, trying homemade fruit purees against their new 100% Fruit pouches.  I was first to take the challenge and tried the apple purees.  My favourite one was surprisingly the Cow & Gate pouch.  It had a far fruitier taste than the homemade puree which was quite bland by comparison.  Later on I tried the Banana and Strawberry puree and again found the Cow & Gate pouch far fruitier and fresher tasting.  Maybe it is because the ingredients used by Cow and Gate is baby grade, especially sourced fruits which are of the highest quality.  Nothing is added apart from a little extra vitamin C. I picked up a few freebies from the Cow & Gate stand and will definitely be looking out for these instore.

cow and gate

I love the convenience of the pouches and although they are marketed for babies, my older kids still love slurping them straight from the pack.  They are excellent for lunchboxes and Freddy will be more likely to eat and enjoy a fruit pouch than he would a whole apple (which can be tricky for a 4 year old with baby teeth and the lure of a playground calling). Anything that makes packed lunches easier for him to eat get a thumbs up from me.

Sistema Lunchboxes have proven to be a godsend so far this term.  The compartments keep food separate and safe and minimize the need to pack things up into plastic food bags which is good for the environment and for my pocket.  The drinks bottle doesn't leak and is a good size.  As it's refillable we are again saving money and as we're not buying individual cartons and bottles we are being eco-friendly.  I went a bit mad before term began buying loads of Sistema stuff for all three of my school and college kids.  But I'm so glad I did as it is proving to be more cost effective long term.  The Quad lunchbox is on sale for just £2 at my local Asda so I may have bought a couple more for spares!


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