Monday, 23 September 2013

How To Make A Bear Spoon Puppet

My little cubs and I were treated to a fabulous box of goodies from Bear, including their new Alphabites cereals designed especially for kids.  Included in our goodies was a fantastic craft idea for making bear puppets using wooden spoons, that I'm sharing here with you all.  It's perfect for the kids to do and they will love putting on a puppet show with them afterwards.

What You Need

wooden spoon
brown paint
brown felt
googly eyes
black pen

What To Do

Paint the head of the spoon and allow to dry.
Stick on the googly eyes.
Draw on a nose and mouth.
Cut out some ears from felt.
Stick on the ears on the side of the spoon.
Tie a ribbon around his neck.

Now put on a puppet show...maybe Goldilocks and the Three Bears, but instead of porridge maybe Baby Bear had a bowl of Alphabites!

Bear's Alphabite cereals come in two tasty flavours, Multigrain and Cocoa Multigrain. They have all the taste and fun that kids love but with none of the 'nonsense'!  They are made with natural ingredients and are sweetened using coconut nectar, which is packed with minerals and essential amino acids.  They contain no added sugar or salt, are high in fibre, have low GI and contain a portion of wholegrain to give kids a naturally better breakfast. 


The packaging is great with the back of the box dedicated to fun facts and activities based on a letter of the alphabet.  We had some fun looking at 'p' for pirates and 'b' for bears!  There are currently eight illustrated back of packs, with the remaining 18 letters being rolled out over the next year.

The letter shaped Alphabites were great fun for my little schoolboy Freddy who is just beginning to recognise the alphabet.  The cereals themselves are crunchy and taste sweet.  They provide the perfect solution to giving the kids a good breakfast : Mums know they are giving kids a healthy start, while kids happily tuck in to something that they want to eat.

Freddy is really enjoying the cereals.  He happily munches through a bowlful and likes them as an after school snack as well as in the morning.  I've never bought chocolate cereals before, so this was a real treat for Freddy, and I was happy knowing they are not laden with sugar. It's great to see a company making something that is healthy but also is fun and yummy!


Bear Alphabites are available in Waitrose, Ocado, Holland and Barrett and lots of health food shops and independents priced at £2.69.


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