Friday, 13 September 2013

Top Tips for getting Back to Work

Now Freddy is at school full time I am a stay-at-home-mum with no children between the hours of 9 and 3. My thoughts are turning more towards the prospect of finding a part-time job or maximizing my earning potential working from home.  There's lots to think about!  This guest post from Everyday Effects contains some good ideas for parents looking to get back to work.

Many mums and dads change the structure of their professional lives when they have children.

Some parents decide to leave their jobs in order to focus on raising their children, some change their industry or office location so that they are under less pressure or working closer to home while others reduce their hours or work flexi-time so that work fits more conveniently around family life.

Maybe you made a change to your working life when you started your family and now that your kids are more self sufficient you’re thinking about another big change.

A new direction

One of the biggest decisions you will face when going back to work is which field you want to work in. Whatever you decide, it will mean a change in your domestic routine which can be eased by the P&G Everyday Effect campaign.

Do you want to return to your previous profession? If you’ve taken a career break there might have been changes within the sector or new systems put in place so you may need to brush up on your skills. On the other hand, you may take your return to the workforce as an opportunity to change career paths. This might also need you to retrain or refresh.

Going back to work doesn’t necessarily require a big new career move though. You might decide it would be more suitable for your family to go back to work in a job which doesn’t demand too much of your time or energy.

Back to school

Nowadays, there are countless opportunities for retraining and updating skills. Many educational establishments have adult education arms for those wishing to gain new qualifications. Most universities offers scores of courses geared towards adults who want to keep up to date with developments in their field.

An advantage of technology is that you can now study online and there are plenty of courses on offer which can be completed over the Internet with timings to suit your lifestyle.

Full-time or part-time?

Last but not least is planning how work will fit around family obligations. Maybe part-time work is more suitable than full-time employment or perhaps you can even work from home. Again, technology has made this possible in many sectors.

Whatever your decision is, you will need to have a back-up plan for dealing with any unexpected matters like sick days or doctor’s appointments. This is where a good network of friends and family is vital. Find out how The Everyday Effect can make going back to work a little bit easier.


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