Monday, 23 September 2013

Magic Nail Laboratory Review

Kizzy is very much into fashion and make-up, but also loves science and making things, so the Wild Science Magic Nail Laboratory from Interplay ticked all her boxes.  Wild Science kits treat girls with the respect they deserve, recognising their intelligence alongside their looks.  Girls can learn how to make their own cosmetics, as well finding out fun facts, professional tips, learn about keeping healthy and the science behind cosmetology.  Kizzy loves the formula for fun, learning and looking good.

The Magic Nail Laboratory includes a studio for housing all the ingredients and accessories needed to create some fabulous special nail effects including colour change and glow in the dark looks.

The set includes a nail file and buffer and gives instructions on how to manicure your nails ready for painting. There is also a toe separator so the feet are not neglected and can enjoy a pedicure and nail polish too.

The base for the nail varnishes is a white liquid that dries clear (it's a bit like PVA glue so it isn't harsh and can be peeled off without the need for spirit based nail varnish remover making it more gentle for younger children to use).  To this base you can add pigments or shimmer powder made from Mica flakes to make your own nail varnish.  The set also includes nail art stickers which use photochromic pigments which means they change colour in sunlight, and glow in the dark stickers.  Lots of great looks can be created and it is fun to mix the products and pour them into the fancy bottles.

nail varnish

Kizzy and big sister Ella had some fun making up the nail varnish and trying out the special effect stickers. Kizzy was very impressed with the glow in the dark ones which are a lot of fun and work really well.  Freddy got in on the act and had some glow in the dark skulls applied to his toe nails!   Kizzy really enjoyed being a cosmetologist and learned a lot about keeping her nails healthy and manicured. The instruction booklet was very informative and clearly illustrated giving a step by step guide alongside lots of facts and tips.  

As Kizzy is not allowed to wear nail varnish to school, she needed to remove it on Sunday night.  I was very impressed with how easily it peeled off in the shower, and even more impressed that it left her nails feeling smooth and well conditioned as the products are not at all harsh on the skin.

The kit is recommended for children aged 10 and over.  Kizzy was able to work independently and needed no adult help to make the products.  Younger children would need assistance in measuring and pouring and using the pigments as they can stain.  It is great that Wild Science go beyond the standard make-up sets that are available on the market.  They add something extra to the mix, focusing on the science and creation of the products rather than just the end result.

The Magic Nails Laboratory is £12.99 RRP.  Find out more here:


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