Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Liitle Tikes Pirate Shipmates

I love Little Tikes toys.  So when Freddy received the Little Tikes Pirate Shipmates set, I was just as excited as he was to have a good play!  The plastic ship is well made, sturdy and colourful and comes complete with three shipmates and a rowing boat.  Pressing a button on the side of the ship, plays a jolly, piratey tune ending in some booming cannon explosions.  Exciting stuff!

Freddy is quite into pirates at the moment so was immediately drawn to his new toy.  It has wheels underneath and a pull along string so he can pull it along the floor, trailling the rowing boat behind it.  There is a lot of detail such as the crow's nest, the door to the galley, twin masts and the skull and crossbones sail, so he can play an imaginative and involved game with the three cute pirate characters onboard.


Freddy really enjoyed going on imaginary adventures where the pirate crew fought sea monsters and plundered treasure!  It was lovely to watch him playing with it.

I liked how well the characters stood up and fitted on the boat.  They didn't fall over all the time which is one thing that can really frustrate Freddy when playing one of his elaborate games. The toy really is sturdy and strong, nothing feels flimsy, not even the sails.  It is a good solid toy that will cope with being played with!

The Little Tikes Pirate Shipmates Toy is an Asda exclusive available online for the great price of just £14.00. You can get it delivered to your door or pick it up for free at your local Asda branch. (There is a promotion currently available where you can get two of the toys from a selected range, including some Little Tikes toys, for just £20.00, making them just £10.00 each.  Excellent idea for Christmas if you want to get organised early.)

You can find the Little Tikes Pirate Shipmates and other exclusive Little Tikes toys at Asda Direct.


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