Tuesday, 17 September 2013

My Debenhams Dream Bedroom

One of my earliest childhood memories is of me stood in my cot in my parent's bedroom looking at their huge, walnut wardrobe.  The highly polished and detailed wood patterns, to my childish eyes, looked like faces and creatures inhabiting an incredible ancient world, frozen forever in time, trapped within the wardrobe door. That fantastic memory stayed with me as I grew up and resurfaced as I read The Narnia books.  I wondered if perhaps my parent's wardrobe with its amazing frontage was indeed a portal to a long forgotten world.  I tentatively explored this possibility, easing open the door and peering inside.  Sadly, the wardrobe was only a storage place for my mum's rather excessive clothing collection and there were no lions, no witches and definitely no Narnia for me to stumble upon. All I had was the wardrobe. My childish dreaming came to an abrupt end. However, that memory of the detailed knotted wood and the mysteries and magic it held has never left.

Inspired by this, here is my mood board of Debenhams products that would make up my dream bedroom.


My design for my Debenhams Dream Bedroom showcases the wonder and the magic of my childhood memories.  I love the use of real wood with its unique appearance, just inviting imaginative interpretation. It is steeped in mystery and holds the energy and memories of being a living entity. Combining key wooden pieces with earthy, autumnal hues and natural patterns creates my own ancient world, my own Narnia. Peaceful, relaxing, calming. I love the leaf design string lights that would bring a hint of the outdoors indoors and the blown glass lampshade that would cast a shimmering, golden glow into my bedroom.  The lustrous sheen of the bed linen would add a subtly luxurious feel and provide a focal point to the room which would draw the eyes and seduce you to slink into the sheets. This would be a beautiful space to surround you as you tumble headlong into dreamworld.

Wall mirror £20

Throw pillow £12

Wall art £29

Bookcase  £540

Acacia furniture £400

Rich Dark Acacia 'Elba' wardrobe £650

Rich Dark Acacia 'Elba' bedstead £950

Sheridan Gold 'Siam' bed linen £129


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