Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Flying High On Playmobil Airways!

Since becoming Playmobil Playologists, we have waited excitedly for our mission to review something from the Playmobil range.  With so many different themes available, from dinosaurs to pirates to cowboys, we didn't know what Freddy would get until our parcel arrived.  The look of delight on his face when he saw the City Action Cargo and Passenger Aircraft and control tower was priceless.  He was one very happy little boy!

City Action

The set comprises of a very large jet engine aeroplane with a removable roof and opening cockpit, a control tower complete with equipment, five people with accessories and some cargo.  The plane has seating  onboard for five passengers and two in the cockpit.  The cockpit folds upwards to stow the cargo and there is a toilet inside the plane (much to Freddy's amusement) to keep passengers comfortable during the flight!  

The construction of the plane and tower took Ian about half an hour.  Some bits were a little bit fiddly to push together, but on the whole it was easy to assemble and the resulting models are sturdy and robust.  Playmobil produce such high quality toys.  We still have some that Freddy's older brother Joe had, which are now over 20 years old and still going strong.  It is very durable and robust.

I love the detail that Playmobil puts into its toys.  The 'PM' logo on the tail, the authentically opening swing door, the computer screens in the control tower and the very realistic loo and hand basin all add to the play value of this fabulous set.  The five people are all different.  There is a pilot, an air traffic controller, a businesss woman, an air hostess and a guy that waves the things that look like table tennis paddles!  Freddy loved the red haired lady because he thought she looked like his big sister Ella.


The aeroplane itself has a swivel wheel on the front of the undercarriage making it really manoeuverable and responsive to being pushed allowing big 360 movements with ease.  Although it is a big toy (59 x 63 x 24cm), Freddy was still able to pick it up and swoosh it around the room in flight with the crew and passengers safely seated inside.

The real value of Playmobil is providing the inspiration for some really imaginative play based on the theme of the toys.  City Action brings all the excitement of the city to life.  With a police station, hospital, airport, fire station, docks, railway, banks and all the associated vehicles and people, it's an excellent range for children to act out exciting city adventures.  Freddy loved positioning his people in and around the plane, getting the air traffic controller to check the skies before taxi-ing his plane down the runway and taking off.  His constant chatter, the dialogue he has between his characters and the story he invents to act out, all help to improve his vocabulary, his communication and his imagination.  He also shows great dexterity in manipulating the people and the props how he wants them all to be.  I love watching him engrossed in imaginative play, and this Playmobil set has really captured his imagination.

I wish I had a huge house with a massive playroom as I'd love to have a permanent display of Playmobil toys ready to be played with and enjoyed.  Sadly I don't which means I have to find somewhere to keep this awesome aeroplane when it's not being played with. It is a large toy, that is too big to sit on a shelf.  So for now it is positioned on the living room floor because I can't bear the idea of making it live under the bed...not yet, not while Freddy is having so much fun with it.

It is a great addition to his toy collection and is something that will last for years and will be handed down in the future to be played with all over again by the next generation.  

The City Action Cargo and Passenger Aircraft is £59.99 and can be found and purchased on the Playmobil website alongside the full range of fantastic Playmobil toys.  


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