Thursday, 5 September 2013

Thomas and Friends: King of the Railway Review

In this latest feature length DVD installment from Thomas & Friends: King of the Railway, a new engine Stephen comes to the Isle of Sodor.  Stephen brings a big surprise and important jobs for Percy, James and Thomas!

Thomas fans will love this DVD with its quality CGI animation and brand new characters.  The plot involves the arrival of Sir Robert Norramby, Earl of Sodor with his engine Millie.  He wants Thomas and his friends to help rebuild Ulfstead Castle. They discover suits of armour, coats of arms and legends of long ago heroes.

Stephen is a very old engine and when he gets in trouble, it's up to the engines to help find him and avoid disaster. The engines uncover Sodor's mysteries as they delve into its history. It's an epic adventure filled with danger, excitement, history and some great moral messages such as the importance of teamwork and working together.

I loved the historic reference to Stephenson's Rocket, which was a really nice touch!  Freddy loved the castle setting and enjoyed the historic adventures.  The familiarity of the Thomas brand and the added songs make this DVD perfect for very young children, while the adventurous story line will appeal to pre-schoolers and slightly older fans.


Classification: U
Studio: HiT Entertainment
DVD Release Date: 2 Sep 2013
Run Time: 68 minutes


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