Friday, 13 September 2013

Carex Hand Cream

We are big fans of antibacterial hand gel here Inside the Wendy House.  Ever since the swine flu epidemic of 2010, we've carried around a bottle to keep our hands as germ free as possible when out and about.  Even Ella keeps some in her school bag.  But some of them smell unpleasant and others leave your hands feeling dry, making some brands unpleasant to use.  So, the launch of the new Carex Hand Creams might just be the answer.

The moisturising hand cream comes in two varieties Nourish and Protect with Vitamin E, and Hydrate and Protect with Aloe Vera.  They feel lovely on the skin, smell pleasant and still have the reassurance of anti-bacterial action.

The hand creams are very pleasant to use, feel light and refreshing and rub in easily leaving no stickiness or residue.  It feels nourishing and pampering, yet protects against germs by working with the skin's natural protection barrier.  Hands feel soft and smooth after use.

The handy sized tubes are perfect to pop into a bag for use on the go.

Available from Sainsbury's and Superdrug they have an RRP of £2.49.


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